Frequently Asked Questions

What is data recovery?
• Good question, it doesnít mean much until you need it.
To put it simply we can help you to recover your files, photos and important documents from broken and damaged storage devices. Some common examples being :
If your laptop is not working and you have to check your Emails, Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, Sage data you need to get to.
You are a professional photographer and the Compact Flash memory card you just shot a wedding which is not reading.Your business has a NAS or a server to store all your files on and itís failed. The process is based on a case by case basis as the solutions depend on the error, type of drive and data to be recovered.
You find that the problems usually fall into 3 categories;
Logical Failure (drive works but canít get to the data), Media/Electronic Issues (problems with a chip or reading the drive via your computer software), Physical Failure (where some parts of the drive itself are failing, damaged or broken).